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her charme.
With gybes, and glickes, and taunting stryfe a brawler sharpe and sore Page Rashe, arrogante, and by vse had of ribaldrye suche store: That from a dosen cacklinge drabbes, the bell he mighte haue bore Well, to the kinge, lyke dogge, and catte, these two.
Nowe hearken (oulde frende Pertinax) what was the spedy key: To ope the locke of credits forte, for me to beare a swey.
The couetous and sparynge man we muste not note for one, (As Ofell saythe) if thou, percase from one synne wouldste be gone, And therby happe into a worse, that were a bootlesse case.
"Theres stormy warre, and caulmie peace, whiche (passyng as a blaste, "And flotynge on, in blynde successe) Who seeketh to make faste, "Shall take in hande, an harde attempte, miraculous, and geason: As yf he woulde at once be madde, Page and haue his perfite.O ieste, vnto thy capmauser2 video cam porno very foes, For, whether may haue more, (If fortune frowne, and grefes growe on) esperance to his store?By colour all true tytles they doo steale, And couer thousande trecheries, vnder pretensed zeale.I will not fayle, brybes shall corrupte, his cheefist seruinge men Str.Tharte misse insenste, thou canste not vste thou wotes not what to do Withall, by cates, bye breade bye drincke, in fyne disburse it so, That nature neede not moue her selfe, nor with a betments scant Distrainte, and prickd, passe forth her dayes.The fabling Fabies tatling toungue: to deskaunte and descriue, the route, and rabble, all a rowe (a draughte to longe to dryue) But that no tracte neede trouble thee, nor ambage breede delaye, Harke well how I will coutche this gere, put case som god.

(I fawne not nowe, not flatter, thankes to pyke) Fuscus, and eke the Uiscie bothe, I woulde they should me lyke, Thou Messala, thy brother to, You Bubilie also, You Seruie, and thou Furnius, bothe chat room sexe you and suche lyke mo, Frendly and learnde, whiche nowe.
Thou coms from Saturnes feaste I trow, from drinke thy selfe to saue.
What if a man be nothinge rauenouse, Eftsones shall be coumpted sounde?Me thynks this church, this englishe churche, is clogged at this daye, With ceremonies more then nedes, to tell you at a worde, I would haue all thyngs iuste as they were left vs by the Lorde.Nathelesse, I can not thee perswade, but yf they bothe be dreste, The Pecocke, and the pubble hen, the Pecocke tasteth best.And sweate agayne to grauayle thee, and worke thy clyent woo.A man that faultreth in hys speache Stoicke."They neade no salue, to say a sooth.With blood of thyne, thou mad kinge, thou, Tucer.A verey Aesops tongue.Moderat AND sparing Liuinge highlye commended the Countrey muche Preferred before the Citie: the pleasure of the one, and the trouble of thother.What if your selfe for not wearyng Pertinax.